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Will Windows store/phone apps be possible?

Hi guys.

  • Do you intend on making Bubble functional as Windows 8&10 Store&Phone apps?

  • Is it possible to pull a video into Bubble and have the alpha channel transparent so only the video content shows up and not a backgound nor border on the video player? Much like how a png photo will only show the opaque content versus a jpeg which will show a white background in place of the opaque channel of the image.

  • Will it be possible for users to be able to drag elements around on the page?

  • Will you guys ever include a physics engine within Bubble?


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Def Phone apps when we build a more comprehensive mobile solution.
What are you trying to achieve with the video? Something like You can do that by setting the background option for your page to video.
Drag&drop isn’t possible yet, but on our list.
I bet you can build a simple one using Bubble. Who knows, maybe one day, not in the immediate future.



As far as the video goes, I’m a 3d modeller/texturer/animator proficient with Autodesk Maya.
I’m thinking more of an ‘overlay’ versus a ‘background’ video setup.
Lets say I have a website called ‘Explosive Evidence’ and I want to create my own button which “blows up” when clicked. I thought I could create my own button and have an animation that gets triggered when the button is pressed, which replaces the placeholder button at trigger time, then goes back to the placeholder button when the animation is complete.

I could think of thousands of other similar examples where this type of thing would make my websites stand out from other websites.

Regarding video handling like that, Bubble team could get some ideas from Webflow, they recently had a blog post showing how to do such things with their platform

As for Windows Store/Phone apps, there are three kinds:

  • UWP apps that run on Windows 10 PCs/tablets/phones and Xbox One (in preview till summer)
  • WinRT apps for Win8.1 desktop/tablet/phone
  • Windows Phone 7.x and 8.x Silverlight apps

For the first one can make a Hosted Web App for UWP via the Web App Bridge with no code (try with AppStudio or manifold.js, see recent post of mine about UWP on the forum). Will use Edge’s engine. For more control can make UWP XAML app wrapper with WebView control or have UWP HTML5 app with IFRAME to host remote Bubble app

For 2nd one can make WinRT XAML app with WebView control (if I remember its name ok) or even HTML5 app with IFRAME in it to host Bubble app from the web. Will use IE11 engine. Note that WinRT apps will also install on Win10 desktop/phone (UWP is superset/evolution)

For 3rd case can use Silverlight XAML, but don’t remember if WebView style control was available. Could ignore WinPhone 7.x, not many around

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btw UWP apps also run on HoloLens wearable AR computers and on Raspberry Pi 2/3 via the free Windows 10 IoT version

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this is the post I mentioned above:

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Thanks birbilis, that’s great information.
I’ll be sure to try that with my programs.