Hello everyone,

I recognized today the following message on all my pages (upper left corner).

  • window.bubble_plp_token = “TYIjVZhWgNwujSnhTztGlX8xxDMeRqFGyYOzsuinG2Y=”;

The token value changes after each reload, but I don’t know where this comes from. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there yesterday, as I use my bubble app every day. The message occurs on the preview pages as well as the live pages. It seems like every browser is affected.

Browser tested:

  • Chrome (117.0.5938.150)
  • Firefox (115.3.1esr)
  • Edge (117.0.2045.60)

In dev tools, it looks like this:

Can anyone help me with that?

Maybe preview the page without plug-ins loaded to see you if it’s related to a plug-in. (Hover the Preview button for additional options.)

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It was a custom html issue (missing closing tag).

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