Differences between preview and live page

Hi! I can´t resolve a bubble problem. When I go to preview page everything looks correct, however, in the live page isn´t working. Somebody knows how I can solve this problem?

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Can you share a few screenshots or a video of your issue, so we have more context to help?

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More info will certainly be helpful.

In preview mode, try by removing debug_mode=true. If the problem comes back, you probably have a parallel data problem.

I had a situation where in debug mode everything runs one step at a time. It worked great. When I removed debug mode and/or tried in production, everything runs in parallel and things broke.

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@ALB, I think I’m having this same issue. What’s the solution for the parallel problem?

The short version is that I was putting data in state and some things were firing and asking state for the data before it was actually written to it.

It depends on what you’re doing. Take some time to share details and I’ll take some time to try and help.

@ALB Thanks, that’s a good summary and explains why the parallel events would change the outcome. I’m not sure if my app issue directly applies. I’ve simplified the series of events greatly - it’s index --> app page which has 3 events that fire on load with different conditions. My app works fine when debug_mode is turned on, but when I turn it off it just cycles the page between the domain home to domain home /?resume=##### and then back to my domain home. Issue is occurring right after signup

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