Wish I could change order of search constraints

Am I the only one who’d like to be able to change the order of my search constraints? Would just help with app organization.

E.g. I wish I could rearrange these:


You are not the only one. I’m surprised there haven’t been other responses.

I’d especially like to be able drag-drop to reorder the sort fields.

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jumping in here.

Is the order of constraints important?

I.e. if my first constraint is created by current user and the second is a more complex does that matter? If yes, there would be a difference in loading time?

If so, it would make things a lot easier to just change the order…

As far as I know, the order of constraints does not affect execution efficiency, but it’s a great question. My concern about ordering constraints is simply so the list of constraints is easier to read and interpret.

As an example, it would be good to have all constraints based on the same field together in the list. In practice, many times constraints are added as the app evolves or bugs discovered, so the ordering of constraints becomes more difficult to scan and understand.