Wix type web builder

Hi All,

I would like to build an app which allows somebody to build a very simple web page using click and drag. I am very experienced in building databases and using mysql but just started learning bubble. I seem to have fallen at the first hurdle though, I cannot think how I can have a ‘canvas’ where someone can drag an image for example and select where on the ‘canvas’ to put it. Is this achievable in bubble? Hopefully you can make sense of what I am asking but if not then please let me know and I will put a rough sketch together.

Thanks in advance.


Have a look at the “Draggable Elements” Plugin

Hi Reger, thanks for your reply. I have already successfully managed to learn how the draggable elements plugin works. The issue is how can I create a ‘canvas’ that will work like a web page. So for example, if I drag an image onto the ‘canvas’ how can I set set where the image appears on the ‘canvas’.


The closest you can get to wix is something like what AirDev did:

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