Word Cloud from text field


i’m trying to create something like this http://tagcrowd.com/ or use some API to enable me to take in a paragraph of text and provide the user with the top keywords within that paragraph. Is this possible?

The goal is this:

  1. paste a shopping list that is text based ex. (tomatos apples grapes , etc) \
  2. create the word cloud based on the words present in the shopping list from 1
  3. use a lookup table to show the user at which store the particular item can be purchased.(from a table that I still don’t know what to do)

thanks in advance.



Did you ever get a response to this query or a work-around? I am also looking to do something similar.

Did either of you find a solution?

Edit. The Quick Charts plugin has a wordcloud for free

Hi @asabti @kamesh

This plugin could be interesting for your use case > Tag and Word Cloud Generator

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