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RELEASED - New Plugin - Wordcloud

I’m looking for people who would like to test a new plugin that create wordcloud. Based on the Jason Davies one.

If you have a large data set, you are welcome. I have test with small text dataset but now would like to test with bigger one.

Let me know in private message if you are interested. Thanks!


Very cool plugin :slight_smile:

The left side does not always load in for me:

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Yes I know. You can click on regenerate. I think it’s an issue with multiple instance of the plugin. Didn’t get this issuw while I use only 1. I will try to find a fix. Thanks


This is cool any updates if this will be released as a plugin?

Yes it will. Maybe at the end of current week.


Hey! Is this still going to be ready this week? :slight_smile:

It’s perfect for what I need, nice work!

Please can I test. I’d really like this also.

Yes. Will be ready at the end of the week

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Any updates on this plugin :slight_smile:

Also any idea what cost are you going to charge?

I’M working hard to release it today. Actually a bug with PNG with some other plugin (like tagger). Trying to fix that.
Price will be one time fee of 3$


Any updates on this? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay. Very busy. Will send a request for release this week

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Hi! Released now and available on market.
Limitation with other plugin for the PNG generator.

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Superb plugin and looks stunning.

One question. I need to bring the words in from 6 multiline input fields. These are also stored in the data type too so I can reference either the field or database.

I figured I might be able to do it by creating an extra multiline field that brought all six of the other fields together in one and let your plugin use that field, but I couldn’t seem to get that to work.

So, my questions is how do I get the plugin to get the words from multiple fields at the same time, or to do it from a single multiline input field that is not stored in the data type, but is displayed on the page where the word cloud needs to be.

Thanks for your help with this and thanks for an awesome plugin.

Hi @Siddhartha!
Can you PM with a link to your app so I can check?

I think that the way you have set it (by adding an extra text field will all other fields data) is the best way to go for your use case.

Looks very cool. Can this be set to search the text fields of a large group of entries… like a few hundred entries with multiline text fields of a couple hundred words each? Also (newbie question), does all the data and calculation stay within my app/Bubble, or does any of it go outside for processing?

This is done client side.

If you want to test, just PM and I can add you for testing for 2 weeks

Great, thanks, I’ll purchase and install it when I get through a few things and see how it works!

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the words in the cloud are only updated if, as soon as the multiline input is displayed, it is already fully loaded?

if i add a new word do i always need to regenerate? If so, is there a way to do it automatically in real time?

You can use a WF that trigger on Input value is changed (multiline) and regenerate it. User will not have to click anything to regenerate the Cloud.

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