Wordle Clone - Part 1

hi there, I’ve created part1 of my Wordle Clone using Bubble, and done a full free write up at How to build a Wordle clone with Bubble - part 1

Next stage is working up the logic, which I’ll document over 1 or 2 more articles.



Ahh love it man!

I was wondering how they do to keep the stats of the users without signing up.

Will you cover this in the next part? :slight_smile:

Cookies. :cookie:

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I’ll cover the logic in the next 2 articles, but yes I expect to use cookies for this.

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Digging a little deeper, they use the browser’s local storage, so even if you reject cookies they can still remember you. But use a different browser and they can’t.

This is what bubble uses to remember what expression/element you copied in the editor and any editor settings you applied (color outlines of elements etc).


Thanks for the information! :slight_smile:

@marty.lindsay great, I’ll keep an eye on it !!

Its easy. If a user does a action. In the first step of a workflow sign them up as a anonymous user and remember their details. When they leave their email. Change that in the workflow.