I need help to create a sort of "memo inputs" /without a save button

Hi everyone,

I need your help for a project, I am new on bubble so this might sound stupid and English isn’t my first language so I apologize in advance for any potential language mistakes ^^

I am trying to create a repetiting group in which my users will be able to fill input fields like a memo and won’t need to click on a save button to keep their inputs from disappearing.
Furthermore, I’d like that all of my users to be able to see what’s written in those “memo inputs” even though they didn’t write it themselves.

Thank you for your help !

Hey @Alix75, welcome to Bubble!

This is pretty straightforward:

  • create a RG and include your input field in the first cell
  • create a workflow: When input’s value is changed > Make changes to Current cell’s Thing: field = This input’s value

Go to Data > Privacy and make sure that all users can view this field.
You can then put the field’s value dynamically in a page (it would look something like Current Page Thing’s field’s value for example)

Thank you very much this is working perfectly !

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My pleasure!

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