Wordpress Basic Authentication Issues

I have been attempting to build out a wordpress plugin to auto-publish my blog post but i am having issues with the authentication part.

I keep getting the following error: Raw response for the API
Status code 401
{“code”:“rest_cannot_create”,“message”:“Sorry, you are not allowed to create posts as this user.”,“data”:{“status”:401}}

Issue is i have looked at dozens on videos & guides and they are all instructing me to do exactly what i am already doing. I am using the Basic Authentication.

I correctly encoded in Base-64 the “username:password” (Password in this case is the application password) but i have even tried it with my log in password & always receive the same error back.

Has anyone attempted this? FYI, i also try using HTTP Basic Auth in the shared headers & it still is not allowing me to post.

Would greatly appreciate any guidance or help here.

Hey @cocapitalusa,

I recommend checking to see if the user (on the wordpress side) has permissions to create a post via the wordpress API

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Thanks for the reply!

Are there any settings I can suggest to look for?

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