Wordpress blog on my bubble website

I have a website / app made with bubble.
But i want to developp my SEO and lot of content.
Wordpress is godd for that so i want to add a wordpress on my webapp bubble.

How i can do that ?

In fact, i would light tohave : website.com/blog, where blog is my wordpress.

Thanks for you help


One way of doing so is using the iframe. Build on WordPress and load into bubble using the html tags or other ways.

But i think that will effect SEO pretty bad.

why not use a subdomain?


Not best for seo - but could work

Second what @buero says – common approach is using a subdomain. For example, some people use Webflow for their public side and Bubble for their app. I recall seeing some people post instructions on the forum or youtube on the process.

From what I understand, the domain authority of the wordpress subdomain won’t apply to the main domain, but it’s usually not a huge deal since the goal is to get them to your site in the first place.

Yes why not in a subdomain.
But how can connect a wordpress on my bubble website ? in a directory or subdomain ?

One site is on the main domain, and the other site is on the subdomain. Search the forum and you’ll find instructions.

i have search yesterday how to connect wordpress in bubble but nothing usefull.
Do you see something good ?

Try again. Search “subdomain” and you will see posts discussing it.

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