WordPress -> Bubble Best Practices (Domain Transfer)


I plan on transferring the domain I use for my WordPress site to my Bubble app this week.

I’ve read the relevant part of the Bubble manual and think it should be ok.

Was just wondering if anyone has done a similar transfer in the past and if there are any best practices? Particularly on the WordPress side.

I’d like to backup my WordPress site somewhere in case things go haywire, but not sure the best way to go about it (I realise this isn’t a WordPress forum but everyone is very helpful here and it’s kinda relevant!) :neutral_face:

@alexcooney5 to my knowledge you just need to change your DNS settings in your registrar settings to make the domain name point to Bubble instead of wordpress.
When you do make sure you’re not leaving any A records or CNAME records related to your wordpress site and you should be good to go

I recommend using WP All-in-One Migration, works like a charm


You’re a superstar @ambroisedlg! Thank you very much once again :smiley:

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