Wordpress to Bubbleapps domain change

I’ve purchased a domain name with Wordpress and now I’m struggling to change the DNS Records the bubble apps server. My understanding is that I need to deactivate Wordpress name servers first.

What do I need to input on the custom name servers next?

Am I supposed to transfer this domain from Wordpress to another registrar?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hey @jacquelinechan.rotma,

Was your domain purchase in Wordpress? or another registar?

Yes, it’s with Wordpress. I’ve done a bit more research now and think what I need to do is this 1. Transfer the domain to another registrar. 2. Change the DNS records from there.

Is there another way of doing this without doing the transfer?

Yes, I’ve watched this tutorial and think what it means for me to do is to purchase another domain (easier and quicker) than use my own domain from Wordpress.

Hey there @jacquelinechan.rotma,

I haven’t purchased a domain through Wordpress before, so can you check a few things?

  1. Is there a way to input your own custom DNS records?

If not, you can create a free Cloudflare account, then use their name servers and handle all your DNS over there rather than transferring your domain and paying a fee.

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Thats great advice. Thank you!

I’ve actually set up the records now and hope this works now. Bubble is still showing an error

I’ve set up the records on Cloudflare here:

Is it because it takes 48 hours for the records to propogate?

Hey there @jacquelinechan.rotma,

With each of your records in Cloudflare, make sure they are not “proxied” or in other words with the orange cloud, they must be “DNS only” or with the grey cloud.