Workflow action branches on one yes/no expression

It would be nice to have a way to combine at least two workflow actions so they can use the same “when” expression.

If I need the workflow to branch, following one path if “yes” and another path if “no”, right now I need to build two different actions, with two different “when” expressions, and make sure they always stay consistent. That’s just tedious when it’s something simple like “is empty” vs “is not empty”. It’s difficult and error prone when the condition is more like “is this date greater than this min AND less than this max” vs " is this date greater than this max OR less than this min". It would be less error prone to just have one expression with two results. I could simplify those expressions by calculating ahead of time and storing it in an input or a custom state, but that’s just as error prone since I have to keep multiple things consistent.