Conditional Workflow Logic in Bubble

Condensing tips on implementing conditional workflows (if then else) in Bubble after searching and reading documentation and many posts:

  1. use “only when” to test for conditions. This exists in two places:
    a. on the event to run the workflow
    b. on each action in the workflow

  2. use “and” and “or” to combine conditions

  3. make multiple workflows for the same event, eg “button is clicked”. It was NOT obvious that this was possible. Thanks @fayewatson for this post:

  4. terminate a workflow early with the action “Navigation->Terminate this workflow

  5. create and trigger custom workflows from an event, but “terminate this workflow” only terminates the custom workflow, not the parent.

  6. use a condition to see if an item exists and create it if not

  7. create an API workflow and the action “custom events->schedule an API workflow”

Please post further advice examples, links, and correct or improve this tip!


On your #1 I was wondering if there is a best practice for using “only when”? Is it better to use it on the even and have multiple events or better to have multiple actions?