Workflow being prevented by another workflow

I have a pretty simple workflow where if a user navigates to a certain view, they are given a timer of 5 seconds before the page auto-navigates to another page.

The user is given a button to press where they can skip the timer and navigate automatically.

For some reason, pressing the button is completely ignored with the other workflow running. If I disable the automatic workflow, the button works when pressed.

I assume this is because my automatic workflow uses “add a pause before next action”, but I don’t see why this should have any affect outside the event in which it’s contained.

Hey SJL, instead of using the pause action, maybe use the “schedule a custom event” action + a 5 second delay:

  1. Create a custom event with the navigate option

  1. Use the schedule a custom event action (where you previously used the wait + navigate action:


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Thanks Gerbert,

I guess this would work, although I’m still curios why the other method prevents my button action from happening.

Will have to give it a go


You are right that the pause action is preventing you from activating a button workflow.

From my experience, you will not be able to activate a workflow when one is still not finished.
Though i think there are some exceptions like a scheduled custom workflow is running.

I could be mistaken since it’s been a while. Anyway you can easily test this in a test page.

Thanks for that.

This is annoying! I’ll see what workarounds there might be and post them here if I find any!

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