Does "add a pause" prevent all other workflows from running?

Perhaps, I’m just late to the game, but I’m just now realizing that the “add a pause” action seems to be preventing all other workflows from running.

I had assumed it delayed the actions in that workflow and let all of the other workflows’ actions run normally. But, seems this is not the case. @neerja, do you know whether this is by design or is this a bug?


Yes, ‘add a pause’ action prevents other workflows that are initiated with user clicks from running until the currently running workflow is complete. We will revisit this behavior if it turns out to be an issue for users.

I would think if people are using long pauses at all that this would be a problem for their apps. Don’t know if there’s a simple way for you to look at that data.

Also, I’d suggest updating the term “add a pause” to something like “pause all actions” so that bubblers are more likely to understand this actions true impact.


It seems like the pause still pauses all other actions on the page. Is there a workaround?

My use case: I’m creating my own alert type floating group. I want users to be able to close this floating group before it’s auto-closed.

The client-side wait action does this with my Wait Please plugin.

Be careful with the server side wait: (a wait for backend workflows) because it now costs money every millisecond a plugin backend action is being excecuted.

But the client-side wait will work fine and not cost anything!