Workflow "Do every 5 seconds" in reusable element layout

Hi guys, I have a question.

I’m using reusable elements in a layout I’m developing, and in a certain reusable element there is a “do every 5 seconds” workflow.

In debug mode I noticed that even though I’m not in this element, this workflow starts to run.

Is there any way this workflow will only run if I’m in this particular reusable element?


I use reusables a lot with a lot of on page load workflows. The best way I found to stop that is to add a only when clause to that workflow that is the same as the reusable.

For instance, I have a reusable called Team Item panel. It’s only visible when the URL contains &mode=team and &item is not empty.
I copy that conditional to the workflow.


Hi @rico.trevisan

I tried this solution, see below:



but even being on another reusable page it runs this workflow:

The red only when indicates that it evaluates it as false and it doesn’t run the full workflow. But yeah, I know what you mean, I wish it wouldn’t even do that. I don’t think that’s possible.

Maybe you could turn that around and make the page – not the reusable – trigger the reusable’s workflow.

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