Workflow error - Database query timeout


I’m trying to create around 500 things with an API workflow.

Everytime a thing is created I schedule the same api worflow for 2 seconds in the future for it to create a new thing, with the condition to only do this while de number of things created is smaller than the number of things to create.

The action stopped with the error Workflow error - Database query timeout


Does anyone know what this means and can be done to prevent it from happening in the future?

Any help is much appreciatted.

What does your Create a New Thing action look like?

Q. What is the step after the API is scheduled?
Q. Is the condition on Step 1 involve a Search?

Thanks for the interest @jgellis.

  1. After the api is scheduled, there’s an action to make changes to a thing, basically saving in the database that the flow has finished. It has a condition to only happen when all the things have been created.

Screenshot below:

  1. it does not.

Screenshot below:

Hello @adamhholmes, thanks for replying.

it looks something like take the item#current_item and save it to the database, given it is not empty.

Screenshot below:

Do you have lots of other workflows running elsewhere? Specifically, ones which are making a lot of database queries?

At the time of the crashing, only that one was running.

At what point did the workflow stop running? (i.e. how many things had it created before stopping)…

And where and how are you scheduling it in the first place?

It stopped at number 185 of 550.

I trigger it in a worflow where the user uploads a XLSX table, I call an external API to parse it to JSON and send one of the lists the the api workflow.

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Sorry I did not get back too you @arturbraga , we ran into a nasty issue and have been working 29 hours straight on it (so far). Glad to see others have jumped in.

Oh boy.

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No worries @jgellis.

Just added an extra second between schedules and it has been working ever since.

Appreciate the time and best of luck over there!

Any tips?

Yeah, everything I’ve ever written about Bubble. Every video I’ve ever recorded about Bubble. I got lots of tips.

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Seems great. Congrats.