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Workflow for adding multi-select inputs to database


Hopefully an easy one here:

I am creating a library & have added dynamic dropdowns for categories such as author, book series, book category, illustrator, etc. When it comes to the workflow, what do I select to add these to the database? For example, in the print-screen attached I have illustrator. This is a multi-choice dropdown. In the database the book data set has the field ‘illustrator’ as a ‘list of illustrators’.


As you’re creating a brand new database entry here, you can use either ‘Add List’ or ‘Set List’ - they will both do the same thing in this case.

Thank you, it says ‘incompatible type’ though? I’m clearly missing something basic but can’t find any tutorials specifically on this.

Hi there, @miss.k.owen… when you created the Illustrator field, you gave it a field type, and when you added the multidropdown element to the page, you defined its choices style (static or dynamic) and its type of choices (assuming you chose dynamic for the choices style). In order for you to be able to add the list of items selected in the multidropdown to the Illustrator field, the field type of that field and the type of choices defined for the multidropdown need to match. If you share screenshots of theBook data type (specifically, the Illustrator field) and the Appearance tab of the editor for the multidropdown, I’m sure we will be able to see the mismatch.


Edit with a quick example: on the User data type, I have a categories list field that is tied to an option set.

The type of choices for a multidropdown that I am going to use to save items to the categories list field needs to be set to the same option set.


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Thank you for your help Mike!

I think it’s that - ‘Type of choices’. Mine are set to ‘text’… screenshots provided as requested just in case there’s anything else, but am sure you’ve identified it there.

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Yup, that’s the mismatch. If the Illustrator field is a list of illustrators, the type of choices for the multidropdown needs to be set to Illustrator. Then, the choices source would be a search for illustrators, and the option caption would be the Current option's Display name.

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Thank you Mike that was the missing puzzle piece! Have marked your reply as the answer

Now I have changed it though, my dropdown options have disappeared on the preview as I need to get the list to point to illustrators > display name again but obviously in a different way than before. Can I trouble you to explain where - is it ‘add new constraint’?

Try setting the Option caption on the right side of that screenshot to Current option's Display name.

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Perfect :grin: it all works through from start to finish :grin:
Thank you so much!!

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