Can't add items from a dropdown to a new Thing in my database

I am currently creating a form where users input text, an image, and select the type of item from a dropdown. When I go to build the workflow that is triggered when the “Upload” button is pressed it lets me connect the text and image fields but won’t let me add the data selected in the dropdown.

My guess is that the problem is that I have a field in my database that I am trying to add to that is coming from another data type (which is a list of the items shown in the dropdown).

Here are a few images to show how I have things set up and the issue:

Here is the data type I am using for the list of items in my dropdown

I am then using this data type to store all uploads since multiple items can have the same selection from the first database and I don’t want the options repeated in my dropdown.

Incompatible selection is the one I need:

I am VERY new to this so hopefully it makes sense. Thanks for your help!

What is your data type and data source for the dropdown - could you share a screenshot of that setup?

Thanks for the reply @msgiblin here is a screenshot of the dropdown setup:

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Everything looks in order, and I just tried adding an item from a different data type via a dropdown into another data type that had a field for the former, and it showed up just fine. Is it possible the dropdown is further down in that list for ‘Attached Type’?

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I reloaded that page today and there are no longer the “incompatible options”, I guess it was a bug that fixed itself. Thank you so much for your help!

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