Workflow for modifying Airtable records when not matched with Bubble

I am attempting to modify Airtable records whenever users modify their information in my Bubble app (and in turn the Bubble database).

I have successfully connected my Airtable base & table via the Airtable plugin. Is there a way to create a workflow that matches records in the Bubble database to Airtable table records and modifies the Airtable records if the records are not equal to one another?

I think the way you design your system will determine how difficult this is. But you’ve got a few options here.

I’m not familiar with airtable or how the plug-in works with bubble. But if they have record IDs like bubble does. I believe the first step would be storing it in the bubble record for ease of reading.

Now there is a backend workflow that does an action whenever data changes. It’s called a trigger event.

So if a user alters data in the bubble database. Say the current user changes their “first_name” field. The workflow looks something like

“When first_name value before != value now. “—->>
“Do the airtable API call that sends the updates to airtable with xyz parameters. “

You won’t have to specify that it’s for the current user. Because we are in backend or sever side workflows and if I’m not mistaken. Bubble has context as to what record you’re talking about.

You can also refer to This forum post

And the bubble manual is linked in there too. That would be syncing all new changes that happen in bubble to airtable.

If you want the other way around aswell. I would suggest using webhooks.

Yes, we do this. In our case the unique ID of the Bubble thing is recorded in the Airtable base so that’s what it searches on.