Airtable Plugin: Get record by Airtable recordID


At the moment I like to create a backend workflow to fetch Airtable records and store the records into a Bubble database object. I was wondering how to get an Airtable record with an Airtable record identifier, so I can hook it up to a Bubble database object and use it for future updates with the official plugin. I see Create, Delete and Modify, but Get is missing. Is this on purpose or just not build yet?


Setup a custom field in Airtable to retrieve and hold that identifier. This way it can be retrieved along all the other fields.

Thank you for your answer to give a bit more context:

In a backend workflow:

  1. Fetch data from Airtable via the API plugin (list of Airtable records)
  2. Get the Airtable Identifiers and schedule another list workflows with the identifier as input
  3. Check in the database of Bubble if the object exists, if not, then create a new Bubble object
  4. Then “GET Airtable record by record id”
  5. Store record in the Bubble database object

Use the plugin after to modify, delete the object.

So in my case, the data already exists at Airtable, but not linked with the Bubble database yet

Yeap. Still it will help if in AT you have it ready in a specific field somehow.