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Workflow for submitting a job

Hello Community -

Need with a workflow allowing a user (job seeker) to submit a job to a user creator (talent seeker).

The following will be pre-populated for the job seeker:
Current role

They will have to enter:
Attach a resume.

I want the data to be sent to the recruiter either to their email or a dashboard page.


Poke around here to see my workflows

Here’s the Preview.

The way I would do this is created a “job seeker” data type with the following fields:

Name: Text
City/State: Geographic Location
Current Role: Text
User: (Built In)
Created Date (Built in)
Email: Email
Resume: File

It becomes quite involved but easy nonetheless thanks to Bubble. Make sure to take the lessons provided by Bubble and become intimately familiar with the basic UI - from there you can expand and learn to integrate further functionality. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your app.