Need Help with Filtering Candidates Based on Job Selection

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I hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently working on a project involving a job recruiter platform, and I’ve encountered a challenge regarding data filtering.

Here’s the issue: I want to implement a feature where, upon clicking on a specific job posting, only the applicants who have applied for that particular job are displayed. However, I’m facing difficulty in setting up the workflow to send the correct data for navigation.

In my data structure, I have two data types: “Job” and “Application.” The “Job” data type contains information about the job postings, while the “Application” data type stores data about the candidates who have applied for the jobs.

Could someone please guide me on how to correctly set up the workflow to achieve this filtering functionality? Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Do you have a link(field) from your Application to job? You should have a field “Job” with type “job”
When user create application, it should be linked to a job.
On a job page, you can display the application using Do a search for application where job = current page job for example

I have a key which is the current date/time for the job and when an application is created the key of application is equal to the key of job, when I am doing search for it’s giving an error data to send should be applications but it is list of applications.

complete with :first item for data to send

Will try this, thank you!

If you want to display a list of applicants, you can t use the go to page and sending a list as Jici said. Instead, send the job key, and in your application page set a repeating group where you will set as a datasource your do a search for applications.

How to send the job key in the workflow, I have done the second part of what you said but can you explain the first part please, also the list of applications that display should be unique to each job.

The 1st part:
This is when you click on the “Job” to be redirected to the Job page which displayed the Job information along with the applications / info about candidates who have applied to this job.
In this part you will do 2 things:
1 - on the “Job” page, you will configure the page to take a “Job” as a parameter.
2 - in the “Redirect to page” step in your workflow, you will send the selected “Job” to the “Job” page.

The 2nd part:
in your “Job” page which should display as well the applicants to this specific job, you will create a Repeating Group in this page which displays a list of “Applicants” who have applied to this specific job.
This means that you have already a field that links between your “Job” & “Application” data types to reflect the 1 to many relationship between these 2 data types.

Hope this helps !
Please let me know if you need any further clarification, I will be happy to support.