Workflow keeps flowing!

Hey guys,

I have a workflow where step 1 is to show login popup if User is logged out. Step 2 is only supposed to run if user is logged in. However, Step 2 is still running no matter if the user is logged in or not. How do I get step 2 to only run if Current User is logged in?


You have everything setup correctly there. Just make sure when you are testing that you are not logged in…so on the page where you see this issue, put a button, make a workflow to log out, and then test again to see if step 2 is still running or not.

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You might need to add the condition at the top level of your workflow and have two workflows.

Or maybe add a ‘terminate workflow’ action with the condition on it to not run the rest of the workflow if they aren’t logged in.

Just a couple of ideas if things aren’t running the way you expect. :blush:

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The Terminate Workflow was what I needed. Thank you!

Glad that helped. :blush:

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