Action Dialog Box Frozen

The action dialog/control box that comes up when you click on an action in a workflow, is frozen in it’s default spot and can’t be moved around the page. It also is missing a close button and can’t be closed. This results in parts of the workflow page being unreachable.

Anyone else seeing this?


Yes this has been happening to me all day. Thought it was one of my Chrome Extensions. Has been happening to me in both test and live version of the editor.

EDIT: Just opened it up and it is moving now. It was working about 10% of the time earlier though. Couldn’t figure out what was affecting it.

I cleared my cookies and other browser data and it fixed it.

Also seeing this on my end.

Came back for me after a few hours. Incredibly annoying and frustrating.

Definitely is still happening to me too and other bubblers are noticing the same

Yup it is back for me too. @Bubble any help?

Hey All -

Sam here, with Bubble support. We’ve received a few reports of this and are looking into the cause. Will keep everyone posted - as AJ mentioned, clearing your browser’s cache and history will resolve the issue temporarily, but it does come back, and we’re working to understand why.

Thanks for your patience!

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