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I have an icon which when a user clicks, it will delete a thing. In order to prevent users clicking accidentally and avoid the need for a confirmation popup, I’d like the delete action to only take place on a double click.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

You can create a custom state for that icon(number). Set default 0.

When the icon it’s clicked set state ⇾ That icon state ⇾ +1
Add condition when the icon state is 2 ⇾ Delete thing.

However, isn’t better when the delete icon is pressed to show an alert (popup) with are you sure: yes | no election?

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Agree with @yusaney1 - would be much better and more intuitive to create a specific confirm option via popup or groupfocus.
Or you can look at this which is pretty close but still quite intuitive: Dead simple button with self confirmation

Thanks, such an obvious solution. Can’t believe I didn’t think of it.

It’s an internal business app, and it flags for deletion rather than actually deleting then there’s a scheduled deletion api that runs a couple days later. the popups are a pain, particularly when its quite easy for us to reverse the deletion flag. But it’s too easy to single click by accident.


This is an excellent thread thanks. I will implement this instead. Much more intuitive.

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