Workflow step(s) corrupted

I’m not sure how this happened, but at least one step in one of my workflows became corrupted – even though it looked fine in the editor.

I had to delete the step and recreate it in order to get it to work.

Has this happened to anyone else?

If this is a possible issue, then we need a way to inspect the code and/or realize that it is corrupted, otherwise we may never know why the app/workflow stopped working, especially when we have hundreds of workflows.


What do you mean to inspect the code? You mean inspecting the JS code or inspecting the workflow running? Because the latter can be done with the Bubble debugger in the preview.

Bubble is essentially an IDE that builds the code for you. Fortunately, Bubble started to allow us to export our entire app. So, for my purpose, I was able to export the app before I corrected the issue and then again after I corrected it. Then, using a text comparison tool, I can compare the differences.

It does appear that the step I recreated was somehow corrupted. In the actual code it looks like Bubble combined parts of two steps into one.

I’m not sure if it happened while using undo/redo, during a bad internet connection when Bubble was trying to auto-save, while Bubble was having some other technical issue, or something else.


We’ve had that type of thing happen before. It seems quite rare and I’m sure Bubble would fix that bug if there were a way for them to recreate it (i.e., if they knew exactly what the problem was then they’d be able to fit it).

We end up paying pretty close attention to our database to make sure data is being stored as we intend, and we hear from users when something is off. And, when we’re debugging our own logic and can’t figure it out then the option of last resort is to recreate those workflows.

If it happened a lot it’d be a big deal. But, that’s not been our experience. I should also say that the data inconsistencies we experienced regularly in the past no longer seem to be an issue so it seems that Bubble’s getting a lot better at edge case handling and reliability.

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Got it!

Well, has not happened to me so far. Didn’t even knew about that actually!

So I think this may be caused by using the undo/redo buttons. I now have another part of the same workflow that is not working now, but it was working before I tried to fix the previous error.

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I have had issues with the undo button before. I end up trying to not use it as much as possible since I feel like sometimes it undoes something that was not really the last thing I did. The inconsistency of the undo button and possible undoing something that is not right in front of me makes me not trust it very much.

Yep, definitely not going to use the undo/redo function now, unless absolutely necessary. It’s an amazing feature, but appears to have some serious bugs. Hopefully the Bubble team (@emmanuel and @josh) can review to see how to improve it.

The one nice takeaway is that the export and import process appears to work nicely. Thankfully I exported the app once I fixed it and before I tried to undo the fix to get a “bad” app export to send to Bubble team.

Seeing strange things myself today. I used the app search tool to find the usage of an element, and it reports that element on a page, that no longer exists.

Also, when clicking on workflow events, the name is changing to something unrelated.

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