Did Bubble Just Break Something

All of a sudden my app is telling me I have 7 errors that happened without me changing anything.

I’ve restored my app to a save point before the errors cropped up, and they’re still there.

Did Bubble just break something??


Interestingly the errors with this weird cmMXi0 and SFI0 are highlighting the error in Workflow Folders, where the Workflow Folder field is empty.

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That probably means the errors existed, but the error checker didn’t catch it until you viewed that page again in your editor.

Those random characters are the unique ids for the folders, I usually see that when I copy/paste Events between pages and on the new page the folder doesn’t exist so it throws an error instead of simply defaulting the folder…


I didn’t copy any events, and some of the later ones I didn’t even touch. Restoring the app to 20 mins before these cropped up should have fixed the issue.

None of it makes any sense.

I don’t want to try to fix anything in case that breaks it for real

If what I think is correct (where the errors already existed, but the checker didn’t check them until you viewed the page) then I think restoring it won’t matter because the errors have probably existed for a while.

Did you enable and new experimental features? Like when the new expression composer came out that would break expressions as soon as you enabled the feature, but then disabling they would go away.

Most of those are easy fixes (the folder related ones), just go to the dropdown for the folder and re-select the blank option.

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Looking deeper, one of the errors is related to one of my option sets disappearing. This certainly should not have happened

yea mayB wait it out… I opened a few of my apps and didn’t see any errors appear for now…

I think I’ll raise a bug and have to abandon development for the day

You know, I think you might be right.

There were some field types I canged a while ago and had some workflows that ran off them, but had not updated the workflows - it seems that these were all of a sudden exposed for whatever reason and the issues surfaced.

Updating the workflow folders back to blank has removed those errors as well.

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I had this happen (only ~45 errors) when I enabled ‘New expression composer’. They disappeared when I disabled it and refreshed the page.

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I faced same issue last night. Suddenly errors popped up in the areas that I had not touched since a while.

I was thinking of filing a bug but I had no way to reproduce it or convincing the Bubble team that it indeed happened. Also, I had to fix the issues as I had to make something live and I couldn’t wait for Bubble team to take a look at it.

Such random things happen often though and it is quite scary to be honest. Unfortunately, Bubble team does not trust us when we tell them about these errors and bugs.

I have seen randomly how some errors will appear that are not really errors (an optional parameter being empty marked as needing a value) since the new composer. I just click on it and then it disappears. I’m not a fan of this new composer, as I have to reload my app several times a day as it starts to break at some point:

  • switching pages and the old page items remain on the side menu instead of the new page items
  • editing API connector calls will slow to a crawl and make it impossible to work with
  • the random errors that show up that are not actually errors

It definitely seems like they should have kept testing it much more before releasing it to the public, as I noticed when I was playing with it while it was in beta that it was causing slow downs to the app (which made me not want to use it). I also didn’t find it easier to use, and still prefer the old method to be honest. However, I know they are saying it is needed for a future update that promises better functionality, so I’ll cross my fingers and hope for the best. :slight_smile:

we got these errors too - strange ghost errors. API calls that were working, unable to parse api response, missing fields, etc. etc.

happened today

As multiple folks have already said, if you have recently enabled the new expression composer, try disabling it and refreshing your editor. If the errors persist, submit a bug report so Bubble support can take a look at your app.

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You’re not alone. I had the same thing this morning. 70 errors (and to be sure, I copied from live back into main) and had the same result. Had to fix them all.

happened to me too.

Hey all - just wanted to add in a quick response here! Our engineer just deployed a fix for a longstanding bug where we weren’t fully running the issue checker on backend workflows. As a result, this fix will surface any existing issues that should be fixed before deploying your app to live - it does not generate any new issues for your app.

Note that this is separate from anything you should be seeing with the beta composer. We’re actively fixing a bug where you see issues appear when the beta is turned on :slight_smile:

Separate from these, if you’re experiencing any other issues, please do submit a bug report, so we can investigate!


Thank you @grace.hong and all for your feedback.

Good to know we’re not all going crazy! :sweat_smile:

So in other words… you broke something but Bubble just now told you :rofl:


Haha, I think that sums it up! :joy::joy: