How to enable users to SWITCH TEMPLATES for their page

Hello community,

I’m just trying to figure out the best way to structure this feature.

As in, do I create entirely new pages for each template and redirect users to the page depending on the applied template, or is each template a set of elements on the same page that are made visible based on the applied template?

I would love to know if any of you have experimented and found one way to be better than the other, or if you are using an entirely different method.

Thank you!

Hi @mihira,

I also need to create this template for users as they may want to fit in. However, I am using this by creating a separate page for my templates, then directing users to the relevant template they have set in the database. This works fine as there is 5-6 Template. Also, this way users have controls to update templates to suit their style.

Let me also know how you solve this.

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@vinodbhadala I also will likely have a single-digit number of templates. Hopefully, some bubble pros can comment on the best approach.


If this is the only factor you are considering it would be a matter of preference. Both ways work well.

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@cmarchan are there any other factors that I could/should be considering?

Load of processing on the page
Elements count
Desired user experience

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@Christophe_HK , I gathered from some of your posts that your project might have similar requirements.

I wonder if you have anything to add to this from experience? If not that’s ok. Thank you :pray: