Workflow to show lowest pricing of three fields in one data type

hey everyone!

I’m trying to show whatever the lowest pricing of the three fields in one data type is.

So for example something is

$75 on amazon
$80 on Tigerdirect
$100 on Newegg.

How would I get it to show Amazon.

I’m struggling to create the workflow to show the proper lowest price. I thought about adding another field for price and having it calculate but that didn’t work. Any help? I imagine this cant be too difficult. I’m just overthinking it.

Search for items sorted for price descending first item

So you have one item and you want to only display the lowest price (each price is stored as a field)?

Assuming you only have a small number of price sources (Amazon, Tiger, Newegg) you can use conditionals on a text field to only show the lowest?

Otherwise, consider storing each “price” as it’s own thing, and associate that price to the product thing. Then you can easily sort / filter as @cmarchan described.

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Thank you this method worked great!

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Hey, do you have any solutions for the conditionals? I think the do a search for has been slowing down my app too much. I have pricing from three different sites still, I made a 4th field named price. Is there an easy way to update the field “price” from the lowest of the three site prices? So that I can do a filter by price option such as amazons.

Is there possibly something I could do on the backend then have it it just display price?

Without seeing the dB structure and understanding the user story (how the user interacts with the UI … and what UI is there) it is difficult to provide a confident suggestion.

For now I can say that having three prices in one object is not conducive to a performant app when you want to know what the lowest price is under scenarios.

A flexible approach could be to manage prices as an object.

In other words …

Title (text)
Vendor (vendor)

Title (text)

Product (product)
Dollar value (number)

Just a suggestion

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Unfortunately in hindsight I should have approached the app this way. The reason I started it the pricing being apart of the field is because it made it easier for data-scraping.

The best way to describe what I’m doing is something similar to this

Could I privately send you my project so you could see what pain points I’m having?