Workflow when repeating group returns an error

I have a repeating group who’s data source is an api (a data API i.e. the RG is not populated via an action). This API has a daily limit of roughly 100 calls per day (I say roughly because the limit is not based on number of calls but how much server time each call uses up so this number is fairly variable based on how much data the API returns). When that limit is reached, the repeating group is empty as the API doesn’t return any results. The user has no idea why unless they use chrome inspect to see the logged error in the console. I need a workflow that can show an alert to the user as to what is going on.

The logical way to handle this is with the error workflow:
But the issue is that bubble doesn’t allow you to select the repeating group. I tried putting in the parent element but it doesn’t trigger this workflow.

I know I could count how many calls are made and then run a workflow when that count exceeds a certain value but based on the variability of the limit, if the data returns a bunch of data multiple times in a row, that count might not be reached but the API returns an error.

Anyone have any workaround for this?


I should note that I also tried the event “an unhandled error occurs” and this didn’t fire either.