Workflow working on a page but not another page

I have a workflow that is working perfecting on a page, I copied the item with the workflow to another page; but here, it does not work.

So when I run the preview, step by step, the workflow shows partially

I had this problem two days ago and i don’t know how it got resolved. I keep updating the page but this is not resolving the problem

Sc 1

So in the top part of this image, the workflow is there on a page; on the bottom part, the same workflow but it is not showing …hence it does not get executed properly

what to do? any suggestions pls

It looks like the element you’re trying to animate doesn’t exist (GroupFocus Notifications - it exists on your first page but not on the second page).

If you copied just one element from one page to another then that would explain it.

Also, sometimes, when copying elements (including workflows) to another page, the workflows still try to refer to the elements on the original page (even though they don’t exist on the new page).

Usually this will show up in the issue checker (so check that first) but sometimes it doesn’t, so you might need to go through and just check/change the element the workflow refers to, and make sure it exists on the new page. That should sort it.

Thank you for your quick response.

In fact, i did copy both elements, i can see both of them on both pages.

I just tried your suggestion a couple of times of changing the element in workflow and even deleting the element and rewrinting it, but the problem still persists as i check step by I step

So strange … any other suggestions

In that case I’m not sure what the issue could be.

It might be easier just to recreate the workflow.

If you’re still having problems then it could be a bug, so filing a bug report is probably the best thing to do.

You need to recreate the workflow.

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