Workflows Across All Pages?

This has been asked before years ago, but wondering if anything has changed to make it easier to do this.

I’m looking to have a global workflow run across the site to check for login status.

E.g. globally say something like:

On Page Load, when User is Not Logged in, Navigate to Login Screen.

Trying to avoid duplicating that logic across a lot of pages. Saw a suggestion recommending using a reusable element, but still required adding the reusable element to every page.

Something like this possible now?

Hi there, @GenerativeLabs… the short answer to your question is no, the medium answer is nothing has changed to make it easier to do that, and the long answer is if you want a workflow to run on every page, you’re simply going to have to do something on every page.

FYI… here is the global workflows idea on the ideaboard so you can upvote it if you’d like.


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