Set global workflows that run across an entire site

Just thinking out loud, but it would be handy if we could in the ‘Settings’ of our Bubble app, build logically workflows that can be applied across the current site for all pages. Sort of its own section, like the ‘Data’ > ‘Privacy’ section. For instance, some uses could be:

  • When page is not index, redirect to index page (could be used as a under construction page or a temporary maintenance page)
  • Set state of a re-usable element e.g. header, set custom state for a background or
  • Show a popup on all pages
  • Trigger a custom event to the current user on page load

These could be assembled into every pages header. I’m sure there could be other uses, but it would be helpful just on the first basis alone, for displaying maintenance pages or handling redirects till a site is ready to go live…



This can currently be hacked together using a Reuseable Element (“REU”).

  1. Put the “global” workflows in the REU as “Custom Events”
  2. Put an instance of the REU on each page you want to call global workflows from
  3. Trigger those workflows from any page like this:


Thanks @duke.severn for the nice Bubble hack of using the reusable element as a way to set workflows across a site. It would certainly do the job, though would require adding the reusable element (I suppose this could be literally 1px x 1px) to all pages, like you’ve mentioned, not a deal breaker though.

I guess with my suggestion, I was hoping that with setting global worksflows, they could trigger alot quicker than the onpage workflows e.g. when page is loaded - the global workflows could be almost instant, as there is at times lag/delay with on-page workflows.

Still a valid workaround until something is maybe added to facilitate in the future…


I really like the idea of being able to easily enable a sitewide maintenance or “coming soon” page.

+1 like the idea of a set of global workflows that don’t require any page specific information