Workflows getting hung up - all types

Is everyone else having problems with workflows getting hung up? Almost ALL of my workflows are only working like 70% of the time. About 1 our of every 5 times they just fail, timeout or endlessly run with no outcome.

Is this something anyone else is seeing?

Not seeing anything like that, and I believe it would cause an uproar in the forum if it was prevalent.

Could you share a bit more about the workflows and what they’re doing? I’m not ruling out there’s a bug, but we might be able to spot something in them.

  • Are you getting a timeout error message, or any other errors?
  • Do you see any unusual activity in the performance log? (for example, heavy backend workflows could be disturbing your front-end workflows)

hmmm… well it just seems that all kinds of workflows are getting stuck… i will go and look at the log and see if there is something like a back-end flow that is getting hung up and interfering with the front end ones… that is a good idea to start actually.

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