Workflows on lists - how to combine API Calls + Search for?

Hello there!

I have been stuck on a problem since last night, hope someone can help me navigate this.

I am running an API Workflow on a list called refresh_youtube that uses information from a dataview called “creators” in order to populate another view called “youtube_extract”.

The workflow uses two fields from creators: name and channel ID.
Using that same ChannelID, it retrieves the video_id , date, and title from all the videos from that ChannelID through an API call to Youtube.

The workflow works but creates only one row per run with all the video informations in it, which makes the data unusable to me…

I have another workflow called “add_creator_youtube” that is used to create a “creator” item and import the first 20 videos which works just fine and shows me results like I want to for reference:

How can I fix the previous workflow to make it work like this one?
I am able to create new entries proprely from a repeating group but not from a search from the data view directly.

Any help much appreciated!
Link to the app:

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It looks like you have api calls in each parameter for video ID data and title

This will return a list for each, and hence save everything in one row with a whole bunch of items

What you need to do is make the “GetYoutubeVideos - API Call” once per item of “search for creators”

So you need two “schedule api workflow on a list” actions here, one for the list of “search for creators” and one for each item that gets returned from “GetYoutubeVideos - API Call”

so lets say you have creators A B and C

You run a workflow called Make API call, and this is scheduled to run on the list of creators

So, for creator A, you make the API call once, and then schedule an api workflow on the JSON list that comes back, for each item, you create your entries etc…

then you move on to creator B, make the api call etc etc

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Thanks Anthony!

Trying to make that work, but I can;t figure out how to pass the information from the 1rst workflow to the second…
I logically wanted to create two steps in a workflow:
Step 1 - > search for the creators
Step 2 - > Make the API Calls

The logic seems right to me but I can’t use the results of step 1 in “List to run on”:

The error for bubble is that the list to run on should a list of creators but right now is a list of text.
I guess the results from Step 1 are sent in an array as well:

I even tried to modify step 1 in order to search only for the channelid which is the only true parameter I need for the API call so that I only have one field in the search and, but without success as well

What am I missing here? Maybe I shouldn’t use steps? But if yes how can I pass the results of the search workflow to the API call one?
Thanks a lot for your time! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Absolutely no problem, i enjoy helping.

What happens when you click the “more” area where the error in red is?

It would also be awesome If i could see how the JSON is formatted from the API call. Could you screen shot that?

Also for the “type of things” section, swap it to text and see if you can get it to work that way

Hi Anthony

The error for bubble is that the list to run on should a list of creators but right now is a list of text.
Already tried to swap it it text, unfortunately it makes the call have a 400 error, nothing happens.

Here is how the JSON gets formatted:

One big chunk instead of seperate entries

Me again :slight_smile:
After spending hours trying different workflows, even a plugin I still can’t make it work.
I’ve also tried to extract the entries using a regex, the List Popper And Friends plugin, tried to work with text and list of text data types, nothing :disappointed_relieved: :sweat:

I must be missing something important but can’t see what…

Hi @anthony.schanen

I finally managed to make it work. I have now a dedicated workflow that is able to parse the data into seperate entries in the data base, horray.

I have another issue now, will open a new thread in order not to confuse people.

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So, how did you make it work? I’m running into a similar issue.

Just saw your message. Do you still need help? I can show you how I got it working.

Hi there, now i am interested in your solution! And i guess there always will be someone:)

Same here. How did you make it work?

Hi all - have the same issue. Would be great to hear your solution.