Workflows stops with no reason (bug?)

Hello Bubblers,

Seems like I’ve just hitted a bug in bubble.

In fact, I have workflows dependent from one another, with many triggers event. And it seems like some of them just stop whereever they want, with no real reason to do so.

Is there any limit in the number of workflows to be ran when loading a page? Or anything like that?

Here, I don’t have any workflow triggered by a datachange, it is just workflows running one by one, and it stops whereas it shouldn’t. Any idea?

video of the bug


I also have problems with recursive workflows in backend (in test). Since noone else has reported this - I still think it is my bad. ?

We can’t really see your workflows in detail but are you sure this isn’t because Bubble runs actions in parallel? Even if they’re in a specific order, Bubble doesn’t necessarily run them in that order.

yes - now my workflow only does one thing “updates a DB-record” - and no record gets updated.
I am in Test.

@christina.sandberg you’ll need to send screenshots or an editor link if you want help debugging.

Ok - but are you sure it is not a general issue? Workflows which worked last week do not seem to work as last week.

Almost sure not, as the workflow I want bubble to run has a ‘break point in debug mode’, and never stops. It never goes on this workflow whereas it should…

Running in parallel is really confusing when debugging as sometimes 2 workflows run, and one is changing something even if you’re set in ‘debug_mode’ run step by step…

@christina.sandberg quite agree on this, seems to have changed!

Seeing similar issues on my end. Super hard to identify what exactly is happening. They definitely changed some sort of behavior.

Y’all should file bug reports. Here:


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