Workflows to make Strip more flexible

Hi again beautiful people! I can connect the Stripe plugin to charge users, and now I want to go a bit further, but I don´t completely get the workflow logic behind the scenes. I want this process:

  1. User A makes a single payment (to pay User B for a service, plus my 5% extra commission). I (or Stripe) store the money.
  2. User B receives 45% of the payment automatically and the remaining money waits.
  3. User B finishes the service, and then it receives another 45% of the payment automatically.
  4. I get the remaining 10% of the initial transaction made by User A (it looks like I get 5% from User A and 5% from User B).

I know where and when to trigger the events, but I don’t know which events I have to configure in Stripe to divide the payment I receive from the first user into 2 different payments I will automatically send to the second user. If Strip doesn’t allow this feature but other providers do (e.g. PayPal), I wouldn’t mind to move to another plugin.

Any ideas? :smiley:

Thanks a lot and best regards!

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