Stripe connect CONFUSION

I am in the last part of my MVP and I faced a roadblock, the blessed payments…

My use case is “User X request services from user Y”, subscription month-2-month and I take 2% commission every month.

Playing with the stripe plugin I can see options to “charge the user” and during that event take the 2% commission, the problem is that is not a subscription item, it’s a one time occurrence.

Now if I setup a subscription I don’t see the option to take the 2% recurrently

Stripe documentation mentions that Ideally I need to use Stripe connect and setup every user Y (service provider) in stripe to receive payments (Collect payments then pay out), those charges/payments look adhoc, but again I need a recurrent subscription and take 2% every time the charge happens

SUMMARY: I need the ability to receive recurrent/scheduled payments and payout the user and take a commission out of it,

I thought about running an scheduled workflow every month charging user X but that doesn’t sound right.

is there a manual where I can see how to do this? maybe even look at your application to get inspiration how to tackle this?

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Hi @natserrano,

If you need to handle payment betwen users (seller <> customer), you have to go with Stripe Connect, which is their peer to peer payment system. You might look indeed into Stripe Connect (express) :

You should be able normally to create Service subscription programmatically per each seller. And from there, get your user pays for other user’s service and receive a commision in between.

Regarding your use case, I’m not really sure that current Stripe plugins will have all the calls you need. You might use the api connector to call the right Stripe endpoints.

Ultimately, your solution of running a scheduled workflow every month to charge the user X could definitely be an option too, maybe easier to implement.

Have you looked into the application fee route?

hi @mattmazzega

I see two options from my limited knowledge with stripe and api connector

  1. set a recurring event on a monthly basis for each user paying…the limitation is that Bubble only allows 1 max recurring event per thing and I want to schedule for a list of users in a thing. so I guess it’s not possible
  2. use stripe connect + express account + subscription
    the problem here is that the existing plugins do not have the application fee percentage for subscription, and also to create express accounts…so I guess the only option is API connector customized. Which I am unfamiliar with…

did I get that right? or would you recommend another option? maybe the zeroqode plugin?


Can you please elaborate? you mean the app fee in the “charge the user action”?

Why not? I’ve seen the Zeroqode tutorial of building Patreon and they’ve used exactly what you’ve described.

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