Bubble is too slow and unreliable to be useful

Unfortunately Im coming to the conclusion that Bubble is too slow and unreliable to be useful.
I love developing in it and have a paid plan but often and intermittently the time taken to do simple workflows like signup a user (https://www.screencast.com/t/hUfxrXIKUMx) takes over 30s to complete. My users which I paid a pretty penny to acquire have vanished by then, never to return.

You cant build a business with that sort of unreliability. I even tried the temporary capacity boost with no improvement.

Is there a solution?
How can signing up a user take a long time?

I don’t have similar results in my app. Thirty seconds is absolutely not tolerable. Have you had someone take a look at your app to see what’s going on?

Long delays used to happen randomly on average every 10th user so hard to get someone to take a look at it.
It appears to be happening every signup currently (even with Boost) so there must be something really going wrong.

Im on the Professional (Legacy) Plan. I wonder if Im hitting a workflow limit and its not telling me.

Who would you recommend look at it?

It’s difficult to say what the problem is without seeing your editor but there’s a good chance you haven’t set up your database to perform efficient searches. I know from experience, it can really screw up your app. If you want to share your editor and make it public (to view), I could take a look.

The current problem is with creating a user. No search. But I have wondered about this and simplified a search on a later page for this reason but it is running slow too.

As @dbevan said, we need to be able to look at a page to see why it’s slow. Can you share one?

As per the intermittent nature of these issues, this problem has now resolved itself however it does not resolve the problem that Bubble is too unreliable to be confident to send prospect to that have cost $ to obtain via advertising.

You should look into using capacity. If it is intermittent it’s probably that when you have a spike of activity the app is being rate limited.

I tried “Boost” and did not improve and all I was doing was creating one user account. No one else was on the site.

The best thing you can do is share the app editor with us. Nobody will steal your business idea…promise.
We all have dozens of our own and we can’t keep up with them. It’s a side effect of bubble :slight_smile:

If you are still hesitant you can try to isolate just the functionality that doesn’t work and copy into another app and share.

Your opening thread is not very fair.

From a John Deere ad:

It’s not how fast you mow, it’s how well you mow fast.

It’s not about the speed and performance of Bubble. It’s how well you develop for speed and performance for Bubble.

We know that Bubble is not a Ferrari in terms of speed, something that comes at the expense of such great product. But 30 seconds for a login is too much. Looks more like something in your end.

After years working with bubble one gets the hang of how to develop for performance. There is also a great post in the forum with @josh answering questions on how to do this. And the community is always happy to help.
But we can’t help you much without access to your editor.



If you can find a pattern, please email us to support@bubble.is so that we can look into it, 30 seconds to sign up is not normal, so it’s probably something about your app.


It could be because you have way too many fields under User data (bubble creating ton of fields when the user clicks sign up). I think this might be the problem for my case as well.

Anyone recommend a easy work around? I am guessing some of the User fields needs to be separated into another thing…

Unfortunately I have the same problem with speed, even when still at development ( very few fields under user data), no issue flags in red, no internet speed problem…

Hi @emmanuel, I’m having this issue as well. For some reason our page load speeds have gone down, this is a problem that just started happening and we’ve been trying to figure out why. I tried to add capacity but still not helping. Can you please give us some diagnosis? Here is a screenshot of our site speed results from google dev speed insights

All of my websites built with bubble, no matter how simple, have low scores like this too. Even a simple website has a low score. I really hope bubble can some how address the issues that are brought up in the google insights. I am pretty sure it will be pretty consistent across the board with the issues we are facing. Maybe they can tackle these one by one to gradually increase our scores. Not sure if this is something we can even do something about. I believe it must be something on Bubble’s end. Hope they can work on this. Not sure if it’s possible or not.

I do notice the score improves when typing in the correct site, for example…

https://www.google.com/ gets a 94 score but when typed in as http://www.google.com/ gets a score of 90 and http://google.com/ gets an 88.

Performance is our first priority, but it’s a long-term project. We’re working on improving it currently, but please give us some time.

Now for this specific test, most websites get very low scores. For instance, Airbnb on mobile on this site gets a 39, which is better, but still officially slow…


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@J805 thats an interesting insight. But our site does seems slower to load, it’s something that just started happening and I’m trying to find out what might have caused it. Feel free to make some suggestions on anything we could do on the backend Thanks

@emmanuel thanks for getting back to me. Also we just started using Bubble about a month ago so there is lots of things for us to learn…is there anything that you can suggest we try? I have added another capacity boost and seems to help a bit. I also just noticed that it’s faster on mobile than web. Is this something that is common for other applications?

I am having the same issue. For sign up I collect first name, email address and password. No other work flow action. It takes about 45 seconds for the process to complete.

Where are you located? I’m on a personal plan with my apps and things load almost instantly.