Working in more than one tab?

Hi all,

Is it okay to work on one app in more than one tab?

I often have a few pages that work together (find something, check out, view confirmation) and I wasn’t sure what the effects of keeping a tab open for each page would have.

Any reason not to?


A few of us shared thoughts on this topic about half a year back. Bubble has made some helpful improvements to make sure that things reflect in real time across tabs, but largely the same logic applies. (My rule of thumb: never attempt to work on the same page in two different tabs at the same time. But it’s safe to have multiple tabs open).

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I do it all the time, and will often have multiple pages open to different tabs. Note however that it’s fairly easy to run your browser out of memory and you can get into situations where suddenly you’re forced to reload… I’ve not read the thread @dan1 points to, but I bet it’s interesting!

When working this way, DO keep an eye on the red “Saving…” text. If that starts taking a long time you may be starting to run outta memory (also, people sometimes complain that they did a bunch of work but didn’t notice that the app was not saving changes. “D’oh!”

(When it seems to be stuck, you are disconnected from bubble and your changes are not being saved.)


Thanks @dan1 and @keith!

I had been keeping one open if I needed to grab elements/workflows but was worried about making changes.


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