Working with lists - Operations with things inside a list and Bubble native limitantions

Hello everybody! :pray:

I have a question that should be “simple” but it made me think a lot about what I can or cannot do with LISTS natively in Bubble.

Basically I want to perform operations with each record in my RG.

Eg.: I have product A with price $50 and product B with price $100 and I want to multiply all their values ​​by factor.
(These operations can be more complex, referencing different fields of the RG, but this is the basis of the problem.)

What I wanted is to understand what is the best practice to perform actions like this, if I can do it in some way natively in Bubble and better understand the bubble’s native limitations of working with lists.

I’ve been studying this issue for a few days. I’ve read practically all the posts here on the forum about operations with lists and about the List Shifter plugin from @keith , Orchestra from @vini and RepeatingGroup Tools (bdk) from @gaurav , which seem to solve this little problem of mine, but I still haven’t come to a conclusion of good practice questions like this as it can get much more complex.

I would like to get your perception of:
1) How you would tackle this problem?
2) Is there any good practice for performing actions like this?
3) Can I do it natively in Bubble? What are his limitations?
4) If you know these plugins, in which cases would you make the best use of them? Which major native limitations do they address? (I know List Shifter has ton of features, but anyway…)

Maybe too much for a single topic of discussion, but I see that working with lists is one of the main challenges for those starting out and I see that a lot is still not documented about.

Lists is something I want to delve into given their importance, and I would love to get that insight from you guys to help with that understanding.

(@keith , @vini_brito and @gaurav, if you can leave your views on the subject and contributions on their respective plugins, I would appreciate it. :upside_down_face:)

Cheers! :sunglasses:

I am keen to learn more about this as well. I am new to Bubble and the first task I need to complete involve list operations - basic matrix operations which would be a breeze in code, such as multiplying items of multiple RGs element wise and generate new RGs.

Have spent days combing through plugins and learning just how hard bubble makes it to access individual items inside RGs to iterate and run calculations on!

Would love to know more about this topic as well. I’m pretty sure there are a couple of ways to do this natively in Bubble but I’m not sure if my workaround is the best or fastest way.

Currently, I’m simply adding all the necessary fields for the logic/operation in the RG. In a single cell, I put the product, its price, and all the fields related for this operation.

I then add the fields the for the variables or dynamic data needed for the operation. To do the operation, I simply do “when input’s value is changed” or you could also add a button or a different action.

A single cell in my RG looks like this:
Product name | Product price | Variable (dynamic data)

Let me know if this helps or if you’ve find a better way :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

My use case is a bit more complex - involves projections over xx years. Similar to a loan ammortization table which calculates fields like loan balance, payment etc. for each year and user can model different interest rates, prepayments in particular years etc.

List Shifter plugin is very powerful - but so far I have struggled to call iterations on multiples lists in the same calculations. Operations on single list with a constant are very straightforward with List Shifter. But I need to iterate over 3 - 4 lists at the same time (each with their own dynamic calculations) and use these in a calculation. I am not sure if this is possible with List Shifter. Right now I am using JS to get it done.

Hey, Neto!

I had similar problem. Tried Keith and Vini’s solution, didn’t worked.
I had pretty simple challenge:

  1. I have a list A of users who sign up.
  2. I have another list B of users who finished onboarding.

List B is included in List A.

Question: How to calculate the daily conversion of users who finished onboarding? Note - I want daily, not just the whole interval.

The answer for that is a ListCalculator element

This “plugin” is included in that other plugin:

For me was worth to pay $9/mo than keep looking for a better solution.