Is there no way to "map" list items?

I’ve searched and can’t find ‘vanilla Bubble’ solutions to many of the list-y (especially Array-y) things I’m used to in programming.

I know there are some plug-ins, but I keep hoping that there is a Bubble way to do things.

Today’s little challenge:

  1. Create NEW list from operations performed on each item of a given list.


  1. get a list of scores (as numbers) from the DB and put in a custom state List 1.

  2. get a list of 'weighting values (also numbers) from a DIFFERENT DataType in the DB that correspond to each of the items scores and put THOSE numbers in custom state List 2.

  3. Generate a NEW list that is created from an operation of List 1 items to List 2 items.
    As in: List 1 index/item 1 multiplied by List 2 index/item 1. (and so on for each item in List 1)

I HAVE used the ‘expression’ plug-in to get something like this to display each ‘new’ generated item at the appropriate index in an RG, but what I need is a workflow thing.

Right now, I AM using ListShifter (THANKFUL for this1 :pray:) and is is doing EXACTLY what I wanted, so… that’s good. But… is there no built-in simple way in a normal Bubble workflow?

I’m still kinda new to Bubble, but I’m starting to bump into things where I’m not sure it’s just my cluelessness (though it usually is).

I am slowly, painfully getting better at NOT bringing my previous-coder baggage into Bubble. But the one thing I still can’t figure out is how to do simple mapping… transform items in list 1 to create a new list 2. This is always for things that don’t make sense to have in the database.

rant over.

p.s. still incredibly grateful Bubble exists. For every ONE complaint I have (“UGH WHY DOESN’T BUBBLE LET ME DO THIS SUPER SIMPLE THING EVERY PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE HAS” etc.), I can imagine 50 things Bubble is doing for me BTS saving my scarce, precious synapses :slight_smile: ]

Muahaha :man_supervillain:t2: welcome to the :bubbles:

Hell no it doesn’t exist, but it should.

I’m oddly comforted by this :smirk:
So at least on THIS one… it’s not JUST me :tipping_hand_woman:

My goal is to get quicker on throwing away an approach and seeking alternative design approaches for [X functionality] rather than spending three days doubling-down SO CERTAIN that there’s a vanilla Bubble way to do it.
The ones that kill my productivity and joy are where I’m sure there’s a way. I need to ‘fail faster’ and move on, but I’m still too new to know what’s NOT gonna work.