Worried about live database

So, I’m hoping for my website to be used by multiple schools. The database will be used a lot. So, how does Bubble work when it comes to adding new things to the website? I’m guessing you do all your edits in the “No live” version, but how do I ensure that the data I reload, is current?

Well bubble is very flexible when it comes to pushing updates. You can ensure current data by correctly copying (Merging) the developent database in live database
Hope this helps

Do not do this unless you really know that it’s what you’re looking for…

Workflow edits are all done in the development version. Then, deploy to live. If your change modified the database structure, you’ll need to deploy and then run some backend workflows to make your existing data work with your new database version.

Databases stay independent between development and live. It’s the logic that you update when clicking ‘deploy to live’ - the data doesn’t change at all.


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