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Worth splitting Bubble app over multiple apps?

Hi all,

Just a quick planning question, currently developing an app for our organization and it’s starting to get rather large.

I’ve had some speed problems (take a look here if your interested - Any ideas on speeding up read/write to database? - which have since been solved, but I thought it would be great to hear if anyone has had any experience with splitting an app over multiple bubble apps.

For example, we have a fair few separate departments (Operations, Compliance, Human Resources, Maintenance just to name the main large ones) which would benefit from all being in the same app, however if its going to be taxing on performance they could very well be separated and connected through the bubble connector.

Apologies if this is a topic that’s already been discussed! I’ve been sifting through the forum and haven’t found any comments just yet!

I would do this only if it makes sense from a logical standpoint, in general, having things in the same db is easier than using the App Connector.

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No worries thanks!

I’ll stick with the one app and see how it goes :slight_smile: