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Would this be possible in Bubble?

Hello fellow Bubblers :slight_smile:

I’m working in a small NGO, and we are launching an entrepreneurship learning program for immigrants. I have some experience with Wordpress and Learndash, but I would really like to use Bubble to build learning platform for our digital course.

I have done some investigation but I would love to have your opinion on this. The main question is: Would it be possible to use Wordpress and Learndash to register students, setting up courses etc - and then connect this to Bubble? I really like the interface and I believe I can build a better looking website and student dashboard in Bubble.

Does anyone know of similar projects being done in Bubble?

It is certainly possible, you may find that you will spend as much time with integrating the 3rd party systems in to a bubble app as you would just building it from scratch.

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