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Would you use Bubble in a Hackathon?

I ran across a hackathon

and it made me think that bubble would be great to use because you can just connect their api’s and work on the solution moreso than the code.

I didn’t think of any potential downsides and wanted to see what the community thought.


Definitely. I was planning on using Bubble in a hackathon about a month ago, but I ended up not going because I was so busy.

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I am exploring running a hackathon at my firm using Bubble as the platform for everyone to use. I don’t know the right format to run it though. Try to teach everyone how to use Bubble up front? Or just have self-serve learning materials available so they can learn as they go? Or try to have Bubble experts around to support or even build the things for the teams? Anyone have any wisdom or experience on this?

What’s the purpose of the hackathon? If it’s to learn Bubble, your approach might be different than if the objective is to build something quickly.

Not to learn Bubble. Purpose is for our employees/staff (all smart, but non-technical) to build quick prototypes (or working MVPs) of ideas either related to social-impact and/or fun around-the-office ideas (e.g. a site to reserve the office ping pong table). I would love them to build it themselves, but I don’t want them to hit rookie walls and obstacles and get frustrated and slowed down too much.

I would consider the learning curve with bubble - even thought it’s drag and drop you still have to watch the videos, take the tutorials to become comfortable with it. If you want to use Bubble to do MVP’s I would assign prep work of doing all those tutorials first and have bubble experts floating.

But it seems to me that your real purpose is to focus on innovating something new vs learning bubble. If so I would also look at Design Thinking which I think is a really simple approach to come up with new innovations:


@john3 Did you use Bubble?

I didn’t know enough about Bubble then to use for the hackathon. I’m currently using it to build out an app - kinda like Tripadvisor but for Startups.

With what I know now, I’d certainly use it for a hackathon as they usually give you API’s to integrate and Bubble is really good at taking API’s into it. So if you had only a few hours it would be easy to use a prebuilt bubble template and just go at the real innovation problem vs making the non-value add support structure.

Is there anything specific you had in mind for what you’re working on?

I have a bunch of projects going on. Focusing on an uber clone.
How far along are you in the travelocity app?
I didn’t know much about hackathons before this post. I can’t think of a better platform.

Sounds cool :slight_smile:

I’m nearly done with the beta test version. There are a number of very interesting markets that we’ve been talking with. So actually having the real product to show is just going to be amazing.

My luckiest day was running across bubble in producthunt so I definitely believe in being lucky! As I just happened to be looking for something like it and it just appeared.

I’ll make sure to put the beta app up in the showcase as well as I feel everyone should be able to see and learn what’s possible with bubble.

Best, John

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