Top 15 Plugins for Bubble at the price of 1 - Bundle by Zeroqode

Hey Zeroqoders! :wave::blush:

Our Best Plugins Bundle has just become even more impressive! Access pre-built core functionality for your app for just $20/month. :confetti_ball:
We began with the Top 6 plugins, and now it boasts 15 Top plugins! No more need to subscribe to separate plugins – get them all at once! This bundle is the ultimate solution for all your needs. Purchase now and unleash the power of these 15 incredible plugins!


What is inside:
:white_check_mark: Bubble Page to PDF converter
:white_check_mark: Stripe Marketplace Express
:white_check_mark: AWS File uploader - Any size
:white_check_mark: Air Calendar (Full Calendar 5.9.0)
:white_check_mark: Mapbox Map
:white_check_mark: Files Pro - Multi Uploader
:white_check_mark: Advanced Rich Text Editor
:white_check_mark: Video Player
:white_check_mark: Phone Input Number with Formatting
:white_check_mark: Dynamic Height & Width of Elements
:white_check_mark: Audio Recorder
:white_check_mark: Repeating Group to CSV
:white_check_mark: Print Pro
:white_check_mark: Advanced Audio Player
:white_check_mark: Easy File Downloader

Subscribe to one plugin and get 15 plugins :fire:

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